Public Safety


Under the direction of the Commissioners and the Town Manager, Chief Smith and the staff of seven, address the public safety of town property, residents and visitors.

At all times, and within jurisdictional limits, the SMPD is charged to prevent crime, crashes and traffic congestion, preserve the peace, protect life and property, detect and arrest violators of the law, and enforce the laws of the United States, State of Maryland, and local ordinances.

The police department will assist the public in any reasonable manner, such as issuance of local parking permits and scheduled fingerprinting.

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100 S. Fremont Street
410-745-9500 or 911

Anthony Smith Chief of Police
Sally Bosley Secretary to Chief of Police

The SMPD works in conjunction with:
Talbot County Emergency Services.


The St. Michaels Fire Department’s range includes all areas from Arcadia Shores to Wittman, covering 120 square miles of land area, and 130 miles of shoreline. The year-around resident population of the St. Michaels Fire Department’s area of responsibility is approximately 8,500. During the Tourist Session, the daily tourist and summer resident population adds an additional 5000 people, and, during special events, up to an additional 15,000 can be expected. The St. Michaels Fire Department responds to over 1000 Ambulance, Rescue and Fire calls each year.

Our present equipment includes 3 Fire Engines, a 75-foot Ladder Truck, a 2500 Gal.Pumper Tanker, 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, a Brush Truck, a Command Vehicle, a Fire/Rescue Boat and our first motorized Fire Truck a 1927 Reo.

When called, we can bring up to 5500 gals of water, 3800 feet of 4 inch hose, 3000 feet of 3 inch hose and 3000 feet of 1 3/4-inch hoses. We have an assortment of tools to handle almost any emergency – tools to cut through metal, concrete, wood or just about any type material. Other tools are carried for lifting, pulling and emergency extrication. The men and women who volunteer today are taught more than to merely put water on a fire. They must learn to use all the tools available to them, and to be able to protect themselves while doing it. Fire Fighting is listed as the most hazardous job in America. The St. Michaels Fire Department has experienced two line-of-duty deaths in the past.

The Fire Department’s primary fundraising event for over 75 years has been the annual Fireman’s Carnival. This event has been anticipated throughout the year by all members of the community, since this is the annual gathering at which newborn babies are introduced, updates on family happenings are exchanged and general fellowship is enjoyed. This event continues today, and is viewed as the most significant community event of the year. The annual Fireman’s Carnival continues to be one of the Fire Department’s major funding sources.

Today many things have changed in the fire service where our equipment is concerned, but some things have remained as they were when it all started. We are still a group of VOLUNTEERS who receive no pay for our efforts on behalf of our neighbors and community. We operate primarily from the donations received from those who believe in the efforts that we make, or at least have realized that it is less expensive for them to donate a few dollars to a non-profit organization, instead of paying more taxes and a lot more for fire insurance.”

Chief Phil Jones 1001 S Talbot St., St Michaels, MD 21663 410-745-9393