Zoning Code Rewrite

To take the Zoning Rewrite Survey online, click HERE.

The Commissioners have hired Peter Johnston and Associates (www.pjaassociates.com) out of Easton, MD to complete a rewrite of the Town’s Chapter 340 Zoning Code (the current Zoning Code can be found here.) The intent of the zoning code rewrite is to update the zoning code to state requirements, implement the goals of the Town’s 2015 Comprehensive plan, and create a zoning code that is clear and plans ahead for development in the Town into the future. The project started in June and is likely to run through the end of 2019. The zoning code rewrite project will take about a year. This page will be a forum to keep the public informed on the process and encourage community input on the zoning code rewrite process. Should you have comments, suggested changes, and ideas about the Town’s zoning code rewrite, feel free to contact Jean Weisman by email at jweisman@stmichaelsmd.gov.

Water Dependent Facilities (2-5-19)
Restaurants (2-5-19)
Article VII (1-15-19)
Status of Use Standards
Article XIX Off-Street Parking Loading and Unloading (11-19-18 revisions)
BnB Recommendations (12-19-18 revisions)
Hotel Motel (12-12-18 revisions)

In June, the Commissioners and Planning Commission were interviewed about the existing zoning code and potential changes to the code for the Town. At the June 28, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting, Peter Johnston provided an summary of items heard in the interviews with the Commissioners and Planning Commission, as well as some basic observations about issues in our current zoning code. The Presentation can be found HERE.

The Town has sent out a survey by mail and will have copies of the survey available in the Town Office. The survey can also be completed online through the link above. A public forum was held on January 16 asking the public for ideas and changes for the zoning code. Regular meetings of the Ad Hoc Zoning Update Committee are being held which are open to the public. See “News and Meetings” on the Homepage for the meeting schedule.