Planning and Codes

Under the Direction of the Town Commissioners and Town Manager, this department addresses inquiries and enforcement of the town’s planning, code and zoning regulations (Chapter 340 of the Code of the Town of St. Michaels). They serve as a resource for the zoning, land use, subdivisions, developments, environmental regulations, building permits, public events and general guidance on planning in the Town of St. Michaels.

Click here to view the Town’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan
Click here to view the Town’s Official Zoning Map
Click here to view the Town’s Critical Area Overlay Map
Click here to view the Town’s Floodplain Map, Enacted 7/20/16

The planning and zoning staff support the following appointed bodies in the Town: Planning Commission, Historic District Commission, Waterways Management Advisory Board and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Commercial/Public Use Permit Applications:
Commercial Occupancy Permit Application
Smoke Alarm Law
Short Term Rental License Application 
Bed & Breakfast License Application 
Sidewalk Dining Permit Application 
Portable Sidewalk Sign Permit Application 
Temporary Mobile Service Truck Application 
Permit Application to Allow Outdoor Music
Public Event and Town Use Application

Building and Land Use Applications:
2023 Fee Schedule
Grading Permit Application
2024 Building Permit Application, Fees, & Requirements(Complete)
Right of Way Permit 2024 
FEMA Floodplain Elevation Certificate Application
Tree Management Application
Demolition Application

Historic District Commission:
Historic District Commission Information & Application Packet (Complete)

Site Plan Review:
Full Site Plan Review (sketch plan, preliminary plan, and final plan review) are required when any multifamily, commercial, industrial or multiuse development is greater than 25% lot coverage impact. Full Site Plan Review is reviewed by the Planning Commission before permits may be issued for the project.
Sketch Site Plan (Step 1)
Preliminary Site Plan (Step 2)
Final Site Plan (Step 3)

Simplified Site Plan Review is for any multifamily, commercial, industrial or multiuse development resulting in less than 25% lot coverage impact. Simplified Site Plan Review is a one-time application and is reviewed by staff prior to issuance of permits for construction.
Simplified Site Plan Review

Applications for major and minor subdivisions are required when you are subdividing a parcel into more than the number of parcels that currently existing. A Subdivision Application is required whenever you are adding a lot line to subdivide a parcel.
Subdivision Application

A Lot Line Revision Application is required when you are moving an existing lot line to alter the size, shape or location of a parcel, but you are not increasing the number of parcels. A Lot Line Revision Application is also required when you are combining or consolidating parcels together.
Lot Line Revision Application

Board of Zoning Appeals Applications:
The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews appeals, special exceptions and variance applications. Linked below are applications for a special exception and variance. Please contact the town office for an appeal application.
Special Exception Application
Variance Application

Community Legacy Plan
Maryland Annotated Code

Telephone: 410-745-9535

Steve Ball Town Planner ext. 112
Kathy Thomas Code Compliance Officer ext. 119
Jen Whiting Zoning Clerk ext. 116