December 4, 2023 at 3pm- The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be having a Special Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission

The Town Administrator, Rob Straebel, and the Town Planner, Steve Ball will be providing a tour of the Boundary Lane Waterfront Park Site for the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and the Planning Commission to provide them a visual perspective of the current site. This will allow them to conceptualize the plans being presented at the Special Joint Meeting by our consultants, Mahan Rykiel Associates, on December 5th.

The Special Joint Public Meeting with the Town of St. Michaels Planning Commission and Parks & Recreation Advisory Board with our consultants, Mahan Rykiel, will be held the following day, December 5, 2023, at Christ Church Parish House located at 103 Willow Street in St. Michaels from 11AM – 1PM. This meeting will be in-person only and not available via zoom. The purpose of this meeting is for Mahan Rykiel to present the preferred scenario plan to both groups and answer any questions they may have regarding this Boundary Lane Waterfront Park Master Plan. The public is invited to join us for this special joint meeting.

12-4-2023 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Public Draft Agenda

Please note: All agendas are DRAFT DOCUMENTS until the day of the meeting.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will have in-person attendance only for this meeting, zoom is unavailable for this meeting format.