Ethics Commission

CBMM_skipjackHMKrentz2011TMunsonThe Ethics Commission consists of members appointed by the Commissioners of St. Michaels for a term of three years.

The Ethics Commission shall be advised by the Town Attorney and meets annually and as necessary.

The Ethics Commission is an outgrowth of the Maryland Public Ethics Law, which “requires disclosure of the financial affairs of public officials and sets standards of conduct for State and local government officials and employees. The Commission guards against improper influence on public officials or the appearance of a conflict of interest through programs of financial disclosure, lobbying disclosure and regulation, approval of local government ethics requirements, ethics law advice and training, and ethics law complaint investigation.”

Meets annually and as necessary; 3-year term.

Ethics Commission Brochure
Ethics Commission Rules of Procedure

Unless notice is given of an alternative venue, all meetings are held at the Edgar M. Bosley Building (Town Office), at 300 Mill Street.

Members Term Ending
Sidney Davenport-Trond 12/31/2021
John E. Hunnicutt 12/31/2022
Mark Pelavin 12/31/2023