Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Muskrat 2The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board consists of five members appointed by the Commissioners for a term of three years.

They meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 11 a.m. Unless notice is given of an alternative venue, all meetings will be held at the Boy Scout Cabin, located at 407 St. Mary’s Square.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board acts as an advisory body that issues recommendations to the Commissioners of St. Michaels. For information about our parks click here.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board:

  • Observes park conditions, uses, activities, and programs; reports any needs for maintenance; and recommends policies and best practices
  • Interacts with community agencies, citizen groups, donors, and other parties in making recommendations to the Commissioners on the planning, design, development, and enhancement of facilities and programs
  • Coordinates approved activities by citizen volunteers

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has:

  • Developed planting plans for the Parks
  • Assisted with maintaining Town Park garden beds
  • Recommended mitigation planting & plans for street projects
  • Created a Town Parks Brochure
  • Assisted with development of the Community Garden
  • Planned events, including holiday celebrations and the War of 1812 bicentennial

Click here for a St. Michaels Parks Map

Application for Kayak Rack Assignment
Kayak Rack Regulations

Marie Martin 12/31/2023
Karen Douglas 12/31/2024
Sue Ann Raring 12/31/2023
Brian Wroten 12/31/2025
Marise Galgano 12/31/2025

DRAFT Upcoming Agendas
None at this time

Minutes and recordings for previous meetings of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board:
5-17-21 Video
4-20-21 Video
3-15-21 Video
2-4-21 Video – Special presentation on Legacy/Historic Trees by Kyle Ewing