Waterways Management Advisory Board

MASCF_1985_Miles_RiverThe Waterways Management Advisory Board (Panel) consists of three or five members who are appointed by the Commissioners to a term of three years. The Panel reports to the Planning Commission.

The Panel meets at least once a year, and at the request of the Planning Commission.

The Panel acts as an advisory and consultative body to the Planning Commission on policy and planning issues affecting the waters of the Town.

The town strives for orderly development, control and management of the waterways and shoreline and waterway improvements in order to preserve waterways as a finite public resource and balance the competing interests in, and the demands for space in, the waterways.

Current Projects:
Harbor and Stormwater Infrastructure Study
To read the study click HERE.
The Town of St. Michaels, MD received a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Grant through the State of Maryland Community Resilience Program to perform an analysis of the St. Michaels harbor and stormwater infrastructure, while considering projected sea level rise over the next thirty years. The study’s objective was to develop viable, cost efficient strategies to increase the town’s resiliency relative to both rainfall and tidal induced flooding. Eight areas of study were determined, and six flooding and sea-level rise projection maps were created as part of the study scope of work. The critical study areas were evaluated within these flooding and sea-level rise scenarios to evaluate risk and define future City mitigation and adaptation efforts. Importantly, this report outlines the Next Steps our Town might take to prepare for and put plans in place to begin these mitigation efforts. The report was prepared by George, Miles & Buhr, LLC.

Recent Projects:
Back Creek/Watermen’s Pier Renovation Plan

Application for Kayak Rack Assignment
Kayak Rack Regulations
Application for Boat Slip Waiting List
Annual Slip Rental Fee Schedule
2021-2022 Boat Slip Lease Agreement

Members Term Ending
Roy Myers, Chair 12/31/2022
Mark Van Fleet, Vice-Chair 12/31/2023
John Marrah 12/31/2022
Mark Welsh 12/31/2023
Daniel “Dink” Daffin 12/31/2021

The following is a list of minutes for past Waterways Advisory Board meetings occurring in St. Michaels. AUDIO recordings are posted shortly after the meeting date. Official minutes are added when approved by the Waterways Advisory Board, usually at the following month’s meeting.

9-14-21 Video
8-10-21 Video; 8-10-21 Approved minutes
7-27-21 Video; 7-27-21 Audio; 7-27-21 Approved minutes
7-13-21 Video; 7-13-21 Audio
6-8-21 Video; 6-8-21 Audio; 6-8-21 Approved minutes
5-11-21 Approved minutes
3-9-21 Video; 3-9-21 Audio; 3-9-21 Approved minutes
2-9-21 Video; 2-9-21 Audio; 2-9-21 Approved minutes
2-2-21 Public Forum Video; 2-2-21 Public Forum Audio; 2-2-21 Approved minutes
1-12-21 Video; 1-12-21 Approved minutes
12-15-20 Video; 12-15-20 Audio; 12-15-20 Approved minutes
11-10-20 Video; 11-10-20 Audio; 11-10-20 Approved minutes
10-13-20 Audio; 10-13-20 Approved minutes
9-15-20 Workshop Video; 9-15-20 Approved minutes
9-8-20 Video; 9-8-20 Approved minutes
8-11-20 Video; 8-11-20 Approved minutes
7-14-20 Video; 7-14-20 Approved minutes
6-8-20 Video; 6-8-20 Approved minutes
1-14-20 Audio; 1-14-20 Approved minutes

Past meeting minutes: