Zoning Code Re-write

Zoning Code Rewrite Results Individual Responses
Zoning Code Rewrite Results Individual Responses

Zoning Code Rewrite Summary (By Dennis Glackin, Past Planning Commission Chairman)
Zoning Code Rewrite Results Summary

Beginning in May 2018 the Ad Hoc Zoning Update Committee (the Committee) appointed by the Town Commissioners undertook a complete update of the Town’s Zoning Code, Chapter 340 of the Town of St. Michaels Code. The Committee, which included the members of the Planning Commission, key staff, representatives of the Town Commissioners, and the consultant, conducted 25 public workshops at which each section of the ordinance and recommended revisions were reviewed in detail. All workshops were open to the public, and public comments and questions were heard and addressed. Various sections of the ordinance have been posted on this webpage during this process, and now a complete draft ordinance has emerged from the Ad Hoc Committee’s efforts.

On October 24th, at their 6 p.m. meeting, the Planning Commission released the draft Zoning Ordinance for public review, which was followed by two public information meetings to discuss the key changes to the Code on Thursday, November 14th at 6:00 PM and November 23rd at 9:00 AM. The foregoing meetings will all be held in the Town Building on Mill Street.

Following the public information sessions, the Planning Commission may make changes to the draft based on any Public input. Afterward, they will make a formal referral to the Commissioners of St. Michaels for adoption.

The Commissioners of St. Michaels will conduct at least one public hearing and will have the option of passing the draft Zoning Ordinance as recommended, make changes to the draft, or referring it back to the Planning Commission.

The public is encouraged to attend the public information sessions to find out more about the ordinance and then to participate in the public hearing at a date to be determined.

Questions regarding the ordinance may be addressed to Kymberly Kudla, Zoning Inspector, kkudla@stmichaelsmd.gov.

The drafts posted below are the latest sections that have been reviewed by the Planning Commission. However, the Planning Commission may revise portions of the drafts and they are not to be considered final.

Planning Commission Recommended Draft, June 8, 2020
Note: This draft follows the Planning Commission review of the public comments received.

Planning Commission Recommended Draft, December 18, 2019
Zoning Code Rewrite Forum Presentation, October 25, 2019

In June, the Commissioners and Planning Commission were interviewed about the existing zoning code and potential changes to the code for the Town. At the June 28, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting, Peter Johnston provided an summary of items heard in the interviews with the Commissioners and Planning Commission, as well as some basic observations about issues in our current zoning code. The Presentation can be found HERE.