Hotel Project: Review Status Updates

The proposed hotel on South Talbot St. is currently under technical review of a preliminary site plan application. This is expected to take several months and could require several rounds of revisions. Check here for periodic updates.

March 29, 2023
This project is within the Gateway Commercial Zoning District and is required to obtain an approved Site Plan from the St. Michaels Planning Commission before it can proceed with development and to show compliance with various local and state regulations.

A technical review compliance meeting was held with the applicant and various professional staff on January 26, 2023. Shortly after that meeting, the applicant was provided a 17-page letter from the town which outlines the technical issues that need to be addressed in writing and on the plans before the project can proceed with further technical site plan review and prior to Planning Commission consideration.

There has not been a response or resubmittal of the site plan by the applicant at this time and the project will not be scheduled for further review until the requested information has been provided.