Questions and Answers from COSM Legislative Meeting– September 22, 2021

What residents have been talked to about “preserving that which our residents value” about our town?  As elected officials, the COSM routinely talk with residents of the community.  Residents express what they like and do not like about the community on a regular basis.  A comprehensive list has not been kept but the Commissioners believe that they are representing what a majority of what resident’s value and not individual interests.

Who decides what the correct balance between residents and businesses is?  Ultimately, the residents decide by electing officials that support their interests.

Commissioner DuPont, as a business owner please explain how you are currently helping the local businesses by recommending the Town implement an additional business license for all businesses?  I believe it increases the safety net and allows all businesses to operate on an equal footing.”  The Commissioners also noted that a revokable license protects all businesses from unfair competition.

Regarding the Commissioners statement that businesses did very well in 2020 and the cut in the marketing budget, can you please explain how you measure success?  Commissioner Breimhurst has spoken with a variety of business owners who all agree they are having a banner year.  Some even made record profits during the height of the pandemic.  The volume of visitors to St. Michaels is evident by the foot traffic on the streets of our community, reports received from Chief Smith, and in record accommodation taxes being received by the Town.

Did the Commissioners go to businesses to talk to business owners about what’s going on with all of this?  The Commissioners as a group have not gone door-to-door to visit businesses.  Commissioners do, on a regular basis, talk with business owners and hear their views.  

How do you know what businesses want if you don’t speak to them?  The Commissioners regularly speak with businesses and hear their views.  If a business would like a commissioner to visit their business to talk with them, they welcome the opportunity. 

Why can’t we have a representative of the businesses that owns property within the Town limits but that does not live within the Town?  By Charter, it is not allowed.

Tad, where is your full-time residence?  Is it in St. Michaels or is that in Clayborn?  203 Locust Street, St. Michaels”

It seems short sighted of you all to not be aware of how all the business owners are and if you are not, why don’t you realize that?  The Commissioners realize that there are different views on topics, can appreciate disagreement, and respect different opinions. 

Could we have confidence in you all that you will answer all these questions?  Answers are included here.

Can you confirm with us, as your audience, that you will answer these questions please?  Answers are included here.

So, you guys will attempt(?) every question that has been put to you?  Answers are included here.

I would like you to explain what “changing directions” means?  Commissioner Breimhurst previously provided a narrative on what “changing directions” means to the Commissioners.  Please see the Town website for that narrative entitled “Recent Statement on New Town Direction” HERE.

When is it that you plan on answering questions?  The commissioners will make every effort to answer questions in a timely fashion.  Answers are included here.

What is the compensation for the Interim Town Manager…the total compensation?  The Interim Town Manager receives $50 per hour for hours worked at approximately 32 hours per week.  In addition, the Town and Interim Town Manager pay the appropriate FICA tax on wages. The Town provides, at a direct expense to the Town, a room at approximately $65 per night plus applicable tax.  The Interim Town Manager receives a car allowance of $0.3659 per mile while commuting to and from St. Michaels and home ($75 each way).  No other benefits are provided (pension, 401K, sick leave, vacation, etc.)