Sidewalk and Curb Project

The State Highway Department will begin a project in St. Michaels after Labor Day 2021. This project is for upgrades of sidewalk and ramps to be ADA compliant along MD 33 (Talbot Street) 200 ft. north of Lee Street to 150 ft. south of Spencer Drive.

The work will consist of the following:

a) Construction of curb and gutter, sidewalk and pedestrian ramps
b) Driveway entrance adjustment and reconstruction
c) Signing and pavement marking

To review plans, click HERE.

The work also includes some sections in the commercial district where the town has already installed brick sidewalks and granite curbing, to bring these areas into ADA Compliance.

The town had originally planned to install the brick and granite throughout the entire commercial district, from Marengo St. to Dodson Avenue. Several sections along the west side of Talbot and the block on both sides between Chew and Marengo are yet to be completed. This project would also include new brick and granite from Dodson Ave. to Railroad Ave. on the North end of Town. The state has agreed to install those sections of brick and granite at an estimated cost to the town of $366,000,which is the cost difference between brick and concrete sidewalks and granite and concrete curbs. This amount is far above the $10,000 limit the commissioners have imposed on capital projects this Fiscal Year during the pandemic. However, it is an opportunity to get the job done by the state during its overall reconstruction project, and the town had previously budgeted the work to be done in phases, using funding from the Capital Fund. The State Highway project will do in-kind replacements at no cost to the town, concrete to concrete.

Some have suggested that for aesthetic and budgetary concerns the brick and granite be restricted to the historic district only which runs from Chew to Dodson. That would save the town an estimated $118,000.

The Commissioners will be discussing this at future sessions.