Strategic Guiding Principles

The following outline will serve as strategic guiding principles for St. Michaels government. Its purpose is to further advance the objectives of the Town’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan for the 21st century.

To improve the PROFESSIONAL performance of the Town organization, the Town will:
-Upgrade to the most current data and information software
-Streamline and modernize the Town website, and enhance online communications
-Update payroll and accounting procedures to current government standards
-Uniformly enforce all provisions of the Town Code

To promote PROGRESS in St. Michaels, the Town will:
-Promote St. Michaels as a safe exurban live/work space for families
-Encourage and support small business startup ventures, particularly minority owned
-Develop appropriate policy for controlled growth and renewal
-Protect the quality of life for residents while enhancing and elevating the visitor experience
-Take a proactive approach to confronting the effects of climate change and sea level rise

To ensure PARITY and live/work balance, the Town will:
-Pursue balance between the needs of the business community and the rights of all residents
-Provide an equal voice to all stakeholders
-Promote equal burden-sharing among all interests
-Promote the common goal of elevating the Town’s image and reputation

PROSPERITY is the end result of advancing the goals listed above. We seek a diversified economy that provides more employment and investment opportunities for the Town’s current residents, future residents, and businesses, while preserving our small-town charm. We must foster the correct balance between a vibrant tourist trade and a livable and sustainable community to ensure that all prosper.


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