Town of St. Michaels Community Participation in the Mosquito Control Program

The Town of St. Michaels has enrolled to participate in the Mosquito Control Program for Season 2023, in so doing the community agrees to allow access by Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) personnel to conduct mosquito control activities. The goal of the pest management program is to develop effective strategies to protect our health, our pet’s and livestock health, the environment, and improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors. Please reference their website, at Mosquito Control (, for more information about this program or you may call 410-841-5870. We ask that you review the attached mosquito control – general policies provided by the MDA.

Individual property owners who object to the nuisance mosquito control program may complete the attached form to have their property excluded from spraying. It is required to complete a new form yearly for each property, in order to be excluded, and returned to the appropriate entities. You may download a copy of the Mosquito Control Exemption Form here.